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“Soon, we will have the intimate love of a family, and it’s this beauty which brings us closer to Him.” - St. Louis Martin

Have you ever gotten nostalgic for a moment that's happening right in front of you? The other night, I was giving the boys a bath and blowing soapy bubbles towards their eager fingers. They were both looking up at me, giggling, eyes big and bright and happy. They dissolved into fits of laughter as more bubbles floated through the air. "AGAIN, AGAIN!" their happy voices echoed. I'd blow another bubble and our tiny bathroom filled with giggles. "Again, Mom! Again!" Pure, unadulterated delight.

It's bittersweet, this time with small kids. Full of sleepless nights and sacrifice and never ending requests for snacks and reminders to say please and whining for no reason and "no Mom, I don't have to go potty"... And... And...And.
And I think I'll always dread the loss of these days, you know? When they'll stop crawling up into my lap for a quick nap, when they won't come running for one more hug before I leave the house, when they won't lunge for me when someone else is holding them. The days are sanctifying and hard as all get out, there's no denying that. But gosh they're magical, too.

That is why I do what I do. To help you remember that babies don’t linger. Time flies in a blur of late night cuddle sessions, epic potty training disasters, and swear words toddlers accidentally pick up. But woven through it all is this utterly exhausting joy.

So get in the frame, friends. Grab all your people. Get everybody in the shot. I promise you won't regret it.

here's the deal...

cheers, Caitlin

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My portrait sessions include about an hour of shooting at the location of your choice, an online gallery of 60-90 images, and a print release. I offer a few different session options, so once you inquire, we can customize a package to best suit your needs. 

portraits start at $250

"Now, we must help each other get to heaven."

-  Blessed charles of austria


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The Easter Family

“Caitlin is an incredibly talented photographer and an absolute joy to work with. She has such a gift capturing beautiful details and genuine moments. We can’t wait to work with Caitlin again soon!”

The James Family

“Caitlin, these are incredible!!! You make us look like we have it all together haha! What a gift and blessing to have you capture this time in our life. I’m so thankful! And you are truly talented! Wow! Wow! Wow!”

The Bencisc Family

“CAITLIN I am hyperventilating. These are the most beautiful pictures of my family I have ever seen. I’m pretty much in shock. You are a dream!”

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