October 26, 2021

Aliso Viejo Family Session | The Trivison Family

Growing up, I only had two brothers—one older, one younger. I never really felt the longing for a sister, and I wouldn’t change our dynamic for the world. My brothers are two of the most spectacular human beings I know. But I think the real reason I never felt the lack of sisters has to do with a little t-ball team called The Pink Rangers.

Yes, you did indeed read that right. I was four years old when I joined that team. I’m sure our record in 1993 was incredible (obviously), but I only remember a handful of things: 1) we wore black hats with giant pink bows on them. 2) There was a set of identical twins on the team. 3) There was also a girl with the best, thickest pony tail I’ve ever seen.

The thing about those twins (Blake + Taylor) and that girl with the great hair (Lauren)? They became the sisters I didn’t have. Over the past 28 years, we’ve navigated sports, sleepovers, high school boys, college in different states, marriage, and motherhood together. I’m forever grateful for their presence in my life. When Blake asked me to shoot a maternity/family session for her, you better believe I jumped at the chance.

Blake, Tay, + Lauren, I love you three to the moon and back. Next time, let’s make it a sister shoot for all four of us.

Cheers, friends.


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  1. Rose Marie Neufeld says:

    Beautiful family. Love your mom guys. She’s an amazing woman. We live in Wildomar CA. She’s so proud of you all.