June 30, 2021

Lake Arrowhead, CA Engagement Session | Jonathan + Elizabeth

My little brother used to fit perfectly underneath my chin. I have vivid memories of him standing in front of me at Mass, my arms wrapped around his skinny shoulders, his bowl cut on point, our older brother making us giggle in the pew next to us as he recited every word the priest said. We used to stand like that a lot, my little brother and I. There are just three years between us, and we were thick as thieves then. When we were little and life was simple and I could still beat him at foot wrestling on the couch.

But somewhere along the way he grew up. He hit six feet and then kept growing. His shoulders filled out and my arms don’t fit around them anymore. Somewhere along the way he became a man. And the day I realized he had fallen in love…well…

My family is all out in California, and I’m here in Ohio, so FaceTime happens a lot. I was FaceTiming with Jon one day and he was telling me about this new girl he was dating. My little brother tends to keep things pretty close to the chest. He’s been through some things, and I think those things have made him a little guarded, a little hesitant.

And then Lizzie showed up.

While we were FaceTIming, Lizzie arrived at his apartment. I hadn’t met her yet, but I’d heard that my whole family liked her. I was curious to meet her myself, to see the way she and my brother fit together. But that day, on that phone call, I watched as my little brother fell hopelessly, utterly, and completely in love. When Jon saw her, he lit up like a summer sky. His whole face changed, his shoulders relaxed, and I swear I saw his heart skip a beat.

And right in that moment, I thought, “Ah. He’s found her.”

Jon doesn’t fit under my chin anymore, but Lizzie fits pretty perfectly under his. They get married this October, and I am so, so excited they’ve found their forever.

Jon + Lizzie, I love you both. Cheers to a lifetime of all the goodness God has in store for you.


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