August 25, 2021

Heather + Joshua | Steubenville, OH Engagement Session

Sometimes, I get to work with couples who are just so overflowing with joy, it’s contagious. Heather and Joshua are one of those couples.

They met in college a few years ago, and when Joshua held the door open for Heather one day, they both thought “oh heeeeey.” But then they both happened to walk into the same Chemistry class (I know, I know! There are so many good puns to insert here!), where they found that Joshua was to be Heather’s Chemistry aid. I mean, how perfect can it get? Spending time with these two at Wild Sycamore Farm last weekend was such a treat, and I’m over the moon thrilled that I get to shoot their wedding next year!

Friends, without further ado, Joshua + Heather.

Heather + Joshua-1.jpg

Heather + Joshua-3.jpg

Heather + Joshua-19.jpg

Heather + Joshua-5.jpg

Heather + Joshua-34.jpg

Heather + Joshua-4.jpg

Heather + Joshua-9.jpg

Heather + Joshua-14.jpg

Heather + Joshua-22.jpg

Heather + Joshua-20.jpg

Heather + Joshua-8-2.jpg

Heather + Joshua-23.jpg

Heather + Joshua-17-2.jpg

Heather + Joshua-24.jpg

Heather + Joshua-27.jpg

Heather + Joshua-32.jpg

Heather + Joshua-29.jpg

Heather + Joshua-26.jpg

Heather + Joshua-30.jpg

Heather + Joshua-21.jpg

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