March 9, 2022

Lindsay + Tom | The Pennsylvanian + North Shore Engagement Session

I asked Tom if there was a moment when he knew Lindsay was the one. He went quiet, glanced down.

“There were a couple, yeah.”

And he smiled softly and he glanced at her and that one glance held it all.

Those little moments, between photos, those are my favorite. Those moments are charged full of all the love you have for each other. I spend the rest of the session trying to capture that fleeting feeling I saw in your eyes. I want you to remember that feeling, that warmth in your chest, that sense of peace. I hope these images to bring you right back to that moment. I hope you to show them your kids some day, on a perfectly ordinary afternoon somewhere down the road. I hope you see their little eyes light up at seeing the joy of their parents in love. And maybe even some day, when decades have passed and that golden anniversary has been celebrated, I hope you remember to pull these photos out of a dusty album. I hope you sit together, the comfort of a shared lifetime between you, and marvel at those kids who were hopelessly, irrevocably, heedlessly in love.

Lindsay + Tom, you two are a complete delight. I have a lot of hopes for these photos, apparently. But most of all, I hope they’re a representation of the all the good, beauty and truth that is evident in your love for one another. I absolutely can’t wait for your wedding this summer.

Until then,


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