April 20, 2022

Ashley + William | A Spring Engagement Session in Toronto, OH

Look for the hands.

They’ll tell the true story of a relationship. They offer truths about people we might otherwise miss. Entire chapters of a life are written in the scars on the knuckles, in the dirt under the fingernails, in the ways they rest together.

William is a mason by trade. Ashley is a potter and a farmer. Their hands tell their stories. A little over a year ago, Ashley bought a 200 year old farmhouse. She and William are breathing life back into the place, while preparing for marriage. What a joy to work together like that. What a gift, to physically build up their home while building up their life together.

And what an absolute honor it is, to capture it all for them.

Cheers Ashley + William. I cannot wait for your wedding this summer.


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  1. Pamela Minto says:

    Love these two and you captured them beautifully!