August 15, 2022

Tom + Lindsay | St. Bernard Catholic Church + The Club at Nevillewood Weddin

This wedding had so many of those perfect, unplanned, once in a lifetime moments. Those moments that pass unnoticed unless you really look for them. Those moments when God is so wonderfully present, if you only have eyes to see.

It’s the way your breath caught when you realized what he tucked in the letter you read from him before the ceremony. It’s the delight on your sister’s face while she helped your Mom do up the back of your dress. It’s the way the Spirit moved while your bridesmaids prayed over you in that tiny room before the ceremony. It’s the way your dad’s eyes searched for your Mom’s while he walked you down the aisle. It’s in the calm, steady peace you felt when you looked at each other from opposite ends of that aisle, and you both saw forever. It’s the way your dad paused for the briefest moment after you turned toward the altar, the image of you as a little girl and the image of you there in your wedding dress blending and blurring in all its bittersweetness. It’s the way Fr. Cassian bounced on his toes and you both smiled and leaned in and felt the Lord’s words fill the Church right before you said your vows.

It’s the single tear that slipped down your cheek as you both said the words and exchanged the rings that changed your lives forever.

It’s the way you both reached for each other, again and again, throughout the rest of the day. It’s the way your Mom pressed her hand to her heart during your little brother’s toast, when his words brought tears and soft murmurs and a collective intake of breath from everyone listening. It’s the way your friends came together to party hard, their delight palpable for the two of you as they danced and danced and danced.

Tom + Lindsay, your day was spectacular. I could go on forever, but I’ll just say this. God was so present during your day, and it was an absolute honor to document all those little glimpses of Him for you. May the rest of your marriage overflow with those glimpses and the knowledge that He is guiding you always.

Cheers friends,


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