April 28, 2020

Photography Tips + Tricks

Hi friends!

Many of you know that last week, I was all set to offer porch sessions to families and friends in the Steubenville and Pittsburgh area. I was absolutely thrilled I could offer people something to look forward to in the midst of this quarantine and a reason to get a little dressed up, (or just put on real pants). And then, after just two sessions, I learned that our governors and health departments had decided that these sessions ultimately went against the stay at home orders in place for COVID-19. I was crushed.

I received heartbreaking emails from clients after I told them I’d have to put these sessions on hold—couples were expecting babies before orders were likely to be lifted, other families had just brought home adopted babies and wanted photos of those first, precious newborn days, and another family who was just so looking forward to getting outside with their young kids.

In light of those messages, I decided to put together a few tips + tricks for you to use at home to capture your own images until things calm down. You can do this with your own DSLR if you’ve got one, or just use your phone. Either way, the photos will be precious for you because they’re of the people you love most. So! Without further ado, here’s a few basic, simple tricks to documenting this time at home.

Tip #1

If you’re shooting inside, face your subject toward a window. The light will evenly fall across your subject’s face for a nice soft portrait. 

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Family Photographer

Tip #2

If you’re shooting outside, look for a spot that’s shady, with open sky above. If you’re right underneath a tree, there will be some green color casting in everyone’s skin. If you’re in shade, but under open sky, the light is more clean vibrant.

Instagram Content — February-1.jpg

Steubenville Photographer

Tip #3

Also, if you’re outside, make sure the sun is behind your subject. The light will beautifully illuminate your subject, and nobody will be blind after you snap your photo. 🙂

Steubenville Photographer

Tip #4

If I’m photographing kids, I always have one parent stand behind me to try to get the kids to laugh.

Steubenville Photographer

CRP Best of Year 1-34.jpg

Tip #5

Ask the kids to make silly faces at each other and wait for that inevitable moment when they all start laughing. 

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Tip #6

Have a baby at home? Lay him or her flat on the floor (or couch), and take a photo from directly above. This helps your little one stretch out a bit and you can see all those adorable baby rolls. 

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Steubenville Photographer

Tip #7

Lastly, I always try to let kids be kids. They’re not made for sitting still, and documenting that movement and energy is part of what makes this time, while they’re young, so magical. 

Steubenville Photographer

I know this time is difficult in different ways for all of us and I hope these tips provide some help in documenting some joy in your home! If nothing else, they’ll give you an afternoon of activities to keep the kids distracted, amirite?

As always, I’m praying for you friends!


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