May 11, 2022

Ashley + William | St. Peter’s Catholic Church Wedding in Steubenville, OH

This day, friends.

It might have looked a little different than they thought it would. It might have rained. Her bouquet was made up with lilac and baby’s breath. Their wedding bands were simple. And this I know with absolute certainty.

Their day was perfect.

Ashley was radiant, joyful, and so ready to receive all the graces of this Sacrament. William—who strikes me as the calm, steady, and quiet type—absolutely melted when he saw her. After the ceremony, we were shooting some portraits outside the Church. I asked Ashley to step out of the frame so I could get some solo shots of William. She stepped to the side and started chatting with family. I asked William to look at me, then off to the side.

And then I asked him to look at her.

Everything in his posture changed. His shoulders relaxed, he leaned toward her just so. His face lit up like a summer sky. Ashley kept right on chatting and didn’t see that look. But I imagine she’s got a whole lifetime of of being thoroughly loved and cherished ahead of her.

Ashley + William. Your day was beautiful, and it was an incredible honor to be a part of it.

Cheers friends.


See Ashley + William’s engagement session here.

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  1. John and Sonja Rhine❤️ says:

    No words can describe the day as it was❤️ But let me try, it was beautiful, it was perfect, it was so them, to say the least. These pictures captured their love for each other so perfectly. All smiles, and the rain didn’t even bother them, after all, they are farmers. We love these two farmer/ neighbors even though we have only known them a short while, as if we’ve know them a lifetime. Thank you sharing your photos with us and thank you for letting us be a part of your/ THE most special day. We pray only the best for the two of you❤️ May God bless❤️