May 17, 2022

Maggie + Zack | St. Vincent Basilica & Sanaview Farms Wedding

When two incredible people come together in marriage, with a deep understanding of the graces of the Sacrament, it’s a true and deep honor to witness.

But when those two people are surrounded by incredible families of deep faith, well… That is something this world needs. That is something that leaves a mark, on me as a photographer, on the guests there to witness the marriage, and on the world as a whole. Maggie and Zack’s day was beautiful. And the way their families came together to celebrate them was a real testament to the joy of family life. There were three priests on the alter, all with close personal ties with Maggie and Zack. Maggie’s grandfather is a deacon, and he married them in a stunning ceremony at St. Vincent’s Basilica. The reception at Sanaview Farms was gorgeous and the perfect mix of wild joy and perfect peace. Zack’s twin brother Luke gave the most poignant best man speech I’ve ever heard, and he had everyone alternately tearing up and bursting with laughter.

Maggie and Zack, your day was centered around faith and family and it could not have been more perfect. Thank you for inviting me in to document it for you.

Cheers friends,


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